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World of Warcraft Gold Service includes:

  • You will receive 10 milion gold on Realm & Faction of your choice


How it works?

  • Our Service provides you with World of Warcraft Gold.
  • We do not require access to your Battle net account in order to complete this service.
  • You will be invited to a Guild Bank with 10 milion gold in it, and you will be promoted to Guild Master, giving you a permission to withdraw full amount
  • We will ask you to confirm that you gave us Blizcon code, which will make gold sale the safest possible for you and your account.
  • Estimated Delivery time: ~24 hours
  • Price: 390€



Price = 390€

How it works?

  • The highest priority for us is the security of services we provide. This is the reason why we are offering the new safest way to deliver wow character boosting services without need to use “Piloted” or “Self-Play” option.
  • Safest Option – We are offering third option which is based on completing your order on new world of warcraft account, once Raid or Arena Boost services is completed we are going to transfer character to your own account with all progress and items included.
  • Piloted Option – Our Players are going to complete the service for you , we can provide you with option to watch your boost progress through the stream. Piloted option is provided with safe VPN service set to your origin country IP address. We ensure the safety of your characters and account.
  • Self-Play Option – We suggest Self-play for most of Raid & Arena Boost services as it guarantees safety of your account.


Popular World of Warcraft services that we provide:

  • Special Item Appearance ServiceProvides our customers with unique service to obtain no longer obtainable Vanity items which were removed from the game long time ago.
  • Special Vanity Mounts ServiceProvides our customers with unique service to obtain no longer obtainable Vanity WoW Mounts, this is our Limited Edition service.
  • Special ServiceProvides our customers with unique Character Portal Service and Security Service.
  • Top Quality World of Warcraft Europe AccountsProvides our customers with the Highest Quality world of warcraft accounts on the market since 2008.
  • Raid & Arena Boost Service Provides our customers with all the assistance required to ensure their Raid & Arena progress is going to stay on top of their Competition.


Quality and Safety is our top priority

  • We always aim to improve our existing and future services which is the reason why we were always the first one on the market providing new type of unique services for our customers since 2008.
  • We are well known across the Europe as one of the first sellers on the market considering that we are operating since year 2008 , over the years we have provided thousands of world of warcraft services and accounts for our customers without receiving single negative feedback, time has proved we are highly trusted and trustworthy.

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