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human warrior
level 88

• 5/5 Malevolent Gladiator Gear & offset items

• Epic Gear: Average item lvl 490

• 7400 Achievement Points

• Professions: Enchanting 600/600, Jewelcrafting 600/600, Fishing 600/600, First aid 600/600, Archeology 600/600.

• Titles: Hero of The Alliance, Grand Marshal, Duelist, Of the Alliance, Firelord,Destroyers End, Flame Warden, The Explorer and many more..

• much more epics of lesser importance

• 100 Mounts: Albino Drake, Dark Phoenix, Drake of the West Wind, Fossilized Raptor, Frostwolf Howler, Dragon Turtles, Ironbound Proto-Drake, Kor'kron Annihilator, Pureblood Fire Hawk, Red Drake, Spectral Steed, Spectral Wolf, Twilight Drake, Emerald Raptor, Turquoise Raptor, Violet Raptor, Sapphire Panther and many more...

• 90 lvl Rogue full Malevolent pvp gear & 90 lvl hunter & lower level alts

• 10.000g


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