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human warrior
level 888

• Full Fearless/Warmongering Gladiator Gear & Weapons

• Khan, Battlemaster, the Bloodthirsty, Warlord of Draenor

• Full Epic Gear: Average item lvl 965+

• Pandaria challenge mode transmog set & 13 transmog sets complete

• 15 legendaries: 4 restoration BiS/2 enhancement BiS/1 elemental BiS

• Legendary Items: Shadowmourne, Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, Fangs of the Father, Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury, Warglaives of Azzinoth, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

• 27.400 Achievement Points & 290 Legacy Feats & 88 Feats

• Professions: Alchemy 800/800, Engineering 800/800

• Titles: Ambassador, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Avenger of Hyjal, Bane of the Fallen King, Battlemaster, Blackwing's Bane, Bloodsail Admiral, Brawler, Brewmaster, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Chef, Conqueror of Orgrimmar, Corporal, Crashin' Thrashin', Crusader, Defender of a Shattered World, Delver of the Vaults, Destroyer's End, Dragonslayer, Elder, Farmer, Fire-Watcher, Firelord, Flame Warden, Gorgeous, Guardian of Cenarius, Hellscream's Downfall, Herald of the Titans, Jenkins, Khan, Loremaster, Master Sergeant, Master of the Ways, Matron, Merrymaker, Predator, Private, Professor, Salty, Savior of Azeroth, Seeker of Knowledge, Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Shado-Master, Starcaller, Storm's End, Tamer, Trainer, Twilight Vanquisher, Zookeeper, of Darnassus, of Gnomeregan, of Ironforge, of Stormwind, of the Alliance, of the Ashen Verdict, of the Exodar, of the Four Winds, of the Nightfall, the Argent Champion, the Astral Walker, the Beloved, the Bloodthirsty, the Camel-Hoarder, the Crazy Cat Lady, the Diplomat, the Exalted, the Explorer, the Fearless, the Flamebreaker, the Hallowed, the Hordebreaker, the Insane, the Kingslayer, the Light of Dawn, the Love Fool, the Noble, the Patient, the Pilgrim, the Proven Assailant, the Proven Defender, the Proven Healer, the Relic Hunter, the Seeker, the Stormbreaker, the Tranquil Master, the Undaunted, the Undying, the Wakener

• much more epics of lesser importance

• 442 Mounts & 780 Pets: For further information regarding mounts feel free check armory link.

• 8x 110 lvl characters included & lower level alts

• 3.200.000g


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